Sabre Tree Surgery was established in 2016 by arborist and owner Jessica, a local female tree surgeon and operates throughout Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Stockport.


This is the part where companies mention for the first of many times across their websites, that they are qualified, local tree surgeons, offering a full range of tree surgery services. These services include tree pruning, hedge trimming, tree felling and dismantling, stump grinding, free tree-cutting advice and arborist consultancy, site clearance, flailing services, and woodland management.

We certainly excel in delivering a customer-focused and quality service in all of the above, but rather than just tell you what we offer in the usual generic way, in order to hit the necessary search engine key phrases; I would also like to mention a bit about what we are not.

We are not just another contractor who tells you what you want to hear to get the job, works with just enough effort to get paid, and then leaves you with that all too familiar feeling that you’ve been sold a dream and delivered the bare minimum.

I have been a homeowner for 19 years and have come across my fair share of bad trades. The feeling of excitement when you’re about to have improvements and modifications made just to be left feeling crushed when the finished work is like they didn’t even care. Often making a lot of excuses to try and talk you around, even leaving you feeling that maybe it’s you that are in the wrong and being difficult.

You deserve to receive the service you agreed to, envisaged, and ultimately paid for.  I have built my business and reputation around giving the feeling “This lady tree surgeon takes some real pride in her work!”

We are reliable, and safety compliant, and our staff are properly trained, and insured! Our tree removals are well-planned and efficient. We pride ourselves on our tree pruning and hedge-cutting work, specialising in conservation areas, and protected trees.

A favourite saying of mine is ‘the proof is in the pudding’. However, if we make a mess of a pudding we can start again. The same cannot be said for tree work. Once you have let someone make bad cuts the damage is irreparable. That’s why when we do a job, we make sure that the job is done correctly and to the highest standards the first time.

We love tree care and will leave your trees and hedges looking the best they possibly can, that’s my guarantee.


We always exceed expectations which is how we have been so successful in receiving so many recommendations and building a remarkable reputation since we were established in 2016.

Please click through to our portfolio to see some of our tree-cutting projects. Tree work comes first in any landscaping or development project.

We have a keen eye for design and after more than a decade working in the land-based industry, we have accumulated some valuable ideas and contacts to bring to your project.

We love tree care and we look forward to helping you realise your vision for your green space.


Whether working on a tiny apple tree in a homeowner’s back garden, a major site clearance or a crane job, we manage the safety of all our work to ensure risk is mitigated.

We never leave the ground without a rescue plan and there is always a forestry-trained first aider on site at all times.

Whatever the job, not only have we got it covered we have it properly planned, insured, and managed.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding health and safety then please give our team a call and we will be happy to help.


We provide arborist inspections and consultancy, tree and hedge pruning and cutting, large tree felling and dismantling, site clearance, woodland management services and anything else your trees and hedges might need!

Jess our lady tree surgeon, Operations Director Ben Magill and their hard-working and skilled team, cover Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and Stockport including:


If you would like information, advice or to arrange a FREE competitive quote for any aspect of tree pruning, hedge care, tree felling, site clearance, or arborist consultancy, please contact me directly on

07584 128 652 or email jessica@sabretreesurgery.co.uk

We are a team of highly skilled and professional tree surgeons serving Stockport, Greater Manchester, and Cheshire. With years of experience in the industry, we specialise in tree care, maintenance, and removal services. Our commitment to safety, quality, and environmental responsibility sets us apart from the rest. Whether it’s pruning, stump grinding, or emergency tree removal, we ensure your trees thrive while enhancing the beauty and safety of your landscape. Choose us for expert tree care in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire regions.